Last Updated:15 July 2022

Privacy Policy – Thrive at Five

This is a privacy notice for Thrive at Five relating particularly to the data that is captured and stored relating to participants and their engagement with Thrive at Five initiatives and activities. Other organisations that are involved in the programme will have their own privacy notices.

What is Thrive at Five?

Thrive at Five’s vision is a society where every child can thrive and achieve their potential. We support parents and communities through collective action so every child reaches a good level of development at age five.

Thrive at Five started work in Stoke-on-Trent in 2021. We are working in partnership with the City Council, the local NHS trust, local schools and nurseries, and local community groups.

You can find out more about us at

What information do we hold?

The information that your school will share with us about you and your child will depend on reporting and evaluation needs at the time. It usually includes information such as the identification number used by the service, your child’s age in months and ethnic background, whether your child is eligible for the Pupil Premium or Free School Meals, whether your child has an identified Special Educational Need, whether your child has been supported by the local Speech and Language team, and your child’s scores on standardised early years assessments. Your school will also share information about how you have used this service, such as the number of sessions you have attended and what difference this has made to you.

We do not hold names and addresses, instead relying upon the pseudonym identifier that the school provides.

How we collect your data

We collect data from the school to which the child is registered. A formal agreement between Thrive at Five and the school guides how we share information, this makes sure that only essential information is shared. This agreement is reviewed regularly.

How we store and protect your data

Data is submitted by the school to Thrive at Five and saved to a secure cloud-based system, managed by NECL Consulting Ltd, with limited and protected user access.  Within the data, the identifier that represents the individual participant is a pseudonym and there are no other items of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This allows us to store enough data in order to analyse the impact of the Thrive at Five activities without holding any easily identifiable personal information.

The data will reside within data centres in the United Kingdom as part of Microsoft’s Azure public cloud.

A very limited number of people have access to the obscured information. This includes those who are authorised to run analytics over the data and a limited number of approved individuals who administer the data platform. All information is stored securely and held in the strictest confidence.

How the data is used

Our evaluation team, who may be supported by carefully selected external specialist organisations, use the de-identified information to understand how we can learn about how you and other families benefit and how the service can be further improved. This helps us better understand how to help children reach a good level of development at age five.

In addition, we use the information to prepare anonymised reports for us and the early years sector. We do not publish any information that could identify any individuals.

Legal basis

We use consent as a legal basis for processing this information. Consent for us to collect and process data requires a positive opt-in by each participant’s parent or legal guardian.

Opting out of the use of personal information

Participants have the right to opt out of Thrive at Five receiving their information, by withdrawing consent. To exercise this right, participants should contact the school to which they are registered.

Accessing information or further queries

Participants have the right to see and access the information that is held about them. Such a request should be directed to the school to which they are registered, the school will then forward the request to Thrive at Five who will respond.

Further information and independent advice can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website

Data Retention

The retention period is expected to be at least the end of each participant’s school career, [12 years].